Friday, 3 June 2011

Good Estimations.

Well last night we went up to Back Bay to look at a job with Reggie. The guy wantes a lawn the whole way around th lawn and some fill put in to sover up the ledge sticking out. We were walking around and trying to get a good estimate of what it is going to take to do the job. I was thinking in my head "4 hours of dozing, 2 or 3 loads of gravel, and at least 5 loads of topsoil. Right after we left we were driving down the road trying to get a figure to give to the guy. Dad said excactly what I was thinking. I have never been good at getting a picture in my head of what I think it is going to look like, but I was pretty excited that I as right on when it came to this job. I can't wait to get started, but we have to wait for a really saunny day to start spreading topsoil or it will pack too tightly and you will basically have concrete