5 Questions

1.) How Difficult is it to come up with material that is interesting to you and your readers on a regular basis ? what are some of the challenges, if any in writing for a potentially world audience on this topic?

It was tough at times to come up with new topics. I mostly just write about what is happening in the time that I am working, but I try to cover things that I know as an operator, and my opinions on stuff to do with heavy equipment.

2.) What is a potential concern that people reaading your blog could have with your content? How would you respond if someone had a problem with your content?

A concern that I kind of have is that the things I am talking about may not be exactly right. I have my opinions and they may be different then other peoples. If someone has a problem with something that I write then they can gladly comment and let me know what they feel is incorrect. I like critisism and I will gladly change it.

3.) If you were given unlimited time and funds to make your blog better, what are the things that you would do to make this blog an amazing worldwide phenomenon?

There isnt  really anything that you can do on blogger to improve it that costs money. Some of the things that I would probably do is some more research about heavy equipment to provide my readers with more info.

4.) Looking at this quote "If your not making things better, then you are making things worse", do you think that blogging makes things better or worse?

It kind of depends. If I am reading this right, then I think that when you are blogging you are writing about a topic that means something to you. Therefore you are posting things based on an opinion that you have, everybody has different opinions so everybody is not going to agree. It could make things worse depending on your topics.
5.) How could you see blogging helping people/students in the future?

It can help students realize that if they want to get a point across that there are tons of ways to do it. Or if they have something that goes unrecognized they can make a blog and get their point across faster.