Tuesday, 10 May 2011

350B Is Completed ! Now onto the 'Nash

Well the 350B is officialy done ! I am so happy to see that leave the garage and start pushing some dirt. The next project is already underway. We have a 1984 466 Single Axle Dumptruck that is in dire need of some TLC ! We don't plan on doing the whole restoration right now, just the neccesities. New hitch, fuel tank, couple fuel lines, and a couple cans of spray bomb should do 'er ! But this winter the dump is coming of, the cab mounts are rusted out, new tires, and possibly a whole new front end ! Right now she just has to pass inspection and haul the dozer around for a bit. The thought of having the Holmes Dozing fleet fully operational excites me !! Anyway, I hope all goes well with this new mechanical challenge :)

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