Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Finishing Touches to Red Solo Truck

So last night while my mom and I were at bootcamp, dad went up to a friend of his house to get new tires for the dumptruck. We had traded him for the old set of pads off of the dozer, ands he was supposed to have them tonight. He had been in Quebec all week and Dad was pretty eager to go out and get them so we could finish up. The dumptruck is almost road-ready. We are hopefully going to take it up to the pit sometime soon so we can load some gravel on and see how much power she actually has in her !
My mom is working on her air brakes right now so that she can drive the truck this summer. It will be the best thing ever, dad will be bulldozing, I will be running equipment with him, or sitting in the pit loading gravel, and mom will be hauling it ! It's the company I have always wanted :)
I am so excited to really get working. We have just really been focusing our time on the weekend jobs, and the rain us held us back quite a bit. So I am pretty eager to start coming home from school and getting straight to work !

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