Friday, 20 May 2011

Dexters Gateway Project

Well today we went for a drive up through St.Stephen beucase I had an orthadontist appointment. Dexters is currently up there working on the new four lane highway. They have a lot of really big pieces of equipment up through there ! We seen two Cat D10's a D8, a 355 John Deere and 3 Cat Rock Trucks. Plus there is probably close tp 100 of their company trucks (Ford F-350 Super Duty) and about 50 of the Castonguay Trucks (Ford F-250's and F-350's) I talk to a lot of the highway guys when I am working at the Irving and one of them said that their fuel bill for one month for all of that equipment is about $500 000 a month. That is insane ! I would give anything to get the chance to go ad push sdome dirt with a D10, what an experience that would be !

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