Friday, 20 May 2011

Grading the Easy Way !

So today we were doing a job grading up a pad for a house. Usually Friday night jobs are "Family Time" in our household. Mom was picking rocks, dad was on the dozer, and I was taking shots with the leveler thing. Now for all of you that don't know, when you are grading up a pad you have to continuiously take shots to make sure that you have everything even. On older models, you have a 16x zoomed camera (adjustable) and a pole with measurements on it. Somebody takes the pole and stands it up on the ground in various places to make sure it is level. Usually this is a pain, but the newest way of doing this is amazing and I got to try it tonight. There is a tripod setup somewhere, and you carry a pole similar to the one used for taking shots, but it has an adjustable screen on it. You walk it around and place it on the ground and it beeps fast when the grade neds to go down, slow when it needs to go up, and continuious when it is in between. It is a lot easier to use and a lot quicker.
When we first started using it we had out doubts. after finishing about half of the pad we started taking shots the old fashioned way and were within one inch over the whole pad. (which is as close as your going to get) I just walked around behind the dozer checking it in different places and we got it pretty-near perfect !
I thought this was a pretty cool way to do this, and it definetely made the process a lot faster.
Hopefully we will get an early start tomorrow and get some rolling done, then move onto the next job !

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