Thursday, 12 May 2011

Back-dragging vs. Pushing ?

So last night my dad and I were talking about me running the dozer. He gave me a pretty big lecture about how you can't backdrag a whole lot. he had some pretty good points so I thought i would share them. A lot of operators like to backdrag, especially when doing things like fine grading. Most machines have a 'float' feature (like my good ol' 350B) Where you can push the dipstick forward and diagnol at the same time and the blade will 'float' with the ground. This is great because you dont have to worry about digging into the dirt too much and it makes back-dragging a lot easier.
One bad thing about back-dragging is that you push a lot less dirt in a lot more time. So you are doing twice the work you would be doing if you were pushing and it wears your chains and pads out quicker then if you were pushing. I am just getting onto the dozer and I love the concept of back-dragging. But according to my dad (an experienced operator) It is a habbit I need to break.

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