Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My 350B Case is "Not a dozer"

Well this weekend when I went outside to do a diesel dip at the gas station where I work, I noticed an immaculent looking Volvo loader sitting on a fifth wheel float in the parking lot. Later that day I was talking to one of my co-workers about how I wanted to be an operator when I was older and a guy in the store said "No you dont, i am the guy sitting with that big Volvo on my truck" We got to talking about equipment and I said "Yea my Dad has a 350B Case" He looked at me and said "Thats not a dozer!" He had the nerve to tell me that my beautiful litle 350B wasn't a dozer because (and i quote) "If it can't handle a "14 foot blade, it ain't a dozer" Well let me just tell you, my little dozer can push dirt just as good as a CAT D10 or a 1650L Case. Does it have tracks ? Yes, Does it push dirt ? Yes, Does it run on a system of hydraulics ? Um ya i think so ! I'm pretty sure that makes it a dozer. It may not be big, but she's my little dozer and I would rather have that then any big fancy new one.
As my dad says- "Any idiot that can play pinball can run a new piece of eqipment. But you've gotta be pretty experienced to put up with the snaps and rattles of a old beastly one"
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Brianna :)

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