Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Charlotte County Pickers !

So this weekend, we decided to go on a parts run for the dumptruck. Fuel tanks for 1 1984 International are few and far between, and very expensive to buy new. So we went on a junk hunt ! A friend of ours up in Bonny River has an extensive "Graveyard" of trucks. We searched around for a bit and found a pretty good fuel tank off of like a '81 International. While dad hacked off the old rusty bolts I went on a little hunt of my own. I love collecting the emblims off of trucks. (the metal decal-like things on the sides of trucks that have the name on them) There are tons of old half tons, and dumptrucks that were back there and I was basically like a kid in a candy store.
In about an hour I had 3 Chevy Symbols, an S10 International, the letters D-O-D-G-E and my favourite, the hood ornament off of a 1970 (or so) Autocar dumptruck. Dad got the fuel tank off and we were done there. On the way back home we made a few phone calls to a friend of ours that makes a living collecting old heavby equipment junk. I have plenty of truck decals, but would love to have a few John Deeres, and I really want a Freightliner, and maybe a Louisville. Hopefully I get the chance to go up and visit this playground of parts this weekend ! 

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