Thursday, 19 May 2011

Too Small to be Compared to a Tonka Toy

Me laying some pipe for a new house. It is my first time in the machine since last summer so I am a bit rusty. As the guy narrating in the background is saying "This is Brianna Holmes and she is running the biggest Kubota ever made" This is a KX-181 Kubota excavator and it weighs less then a ton. The thing rocks when you drive off of the edge of the pavement. I have layed this thing on its side many times just from pulling myself into a pile of dirt. We redid the bucket this winter and you can literally pick it up with one hand. The best part is that $15 worth of diesel fuel lasts like 3 full days of working. She's pretty efficent but definetely too small for me. I would much rather get the job done with a 355 John Deere or maybe a 141 Kobelco !
-Brianna :)

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