Friday, 13 May 2011

Their all just playin pinball ;

So you look at all of the guys in their early 20's operating D10's like its nothing, they look at it as a big game. But standing beside a machine that is 25 times the size of you, and weighs about 87 tons in pretty intimidating. Have you ever seen the inside cab of one of these things ? Well this is the inside of a brand new D10. Do all of these controls and computers look easy to run ? Yes ! it is just a big video game.

Now, this is the interior of our small dozer. There are a lot less controls, but you need some common sense to run this. There are no fancy gauges to tell you how much oil is left, and how hot the machine is, and if your overrevving it, or any of that stuff. Theres just two levers for the tracks, Two levers for the blade (one moves it up and down and from side, to side. The other tilts it) a forward, Neutral, Reverse lever. And the thing for the transmission. There ain't no computer screens on it !
Any experienced operator can jump in one of those great big huge dozers and start pushing dirt. But when you get to a tiny one with a 6 foot blade and try to make it level, its not as easy as it seems. The only difference, is you got to pay attention a little bit more.

Any idiot that can play pinball can run a new machine, but you gotta be pretty good to put up with the snaps and rattles of an old beastly one ;

-Brianna :)

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