Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Concept of "Zero Swing"

Well since this is my first post I thought that I would talk about a topic that doesn't cross most operators minds: Zero Swing excavators. If you didn't already know what zero swing is, it's a feature on most new excavators (Mainly Kobelcos and Bobcats) that basically makes it so that the counterweight is compressed closer into the back of the cab, and there is little to no overhang on the machine.It's perfect for landscaping jobs with smaller excavators when you have to squeeze into tight areas. One of the cons of it all is that it would be a lot more difficult to be included on bigger machines because the counterweight is larger and in order to make it work you would comprise the balance of the machine and make it a lot more difficult to keep yourself level when working on ledges or steep grades.
 I hope you enjoyed my article on "Zero Swing" if you have anything to add just let me know in the comments ! Thanks for reading, -Brianna

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  1. I found this very interesting. thanks for informing me about "zero swing" .