Friday, 20 May 2011

Bulldozin' in the Rain !

Well today after school, I am going to change into my Carhartt Pants, and my flannel coat and going bulldozing with my daddy. We have a pad for a houe to finish up, and we just got a new compacter this morning so I am quite excited to try that out (despite the fact that it is raining and grose out) Our dozer doesn't have an enclosed cab, just a canopy but it still kind of keeps you dry. I am pretty excited as i haven't really been on the dozer a whole lot this year, but kind of nervous because we are working on ledge and there is a lot of mowing that needs to be done with a KX-080 Kobelco and it is quite scary ! Anyway I guess if i want to be a full time operator I need to face my fears and work on the ledge !
Wish me luck !

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